2020 World University Presidents’ Congress

2020 WUPC



 In the 20th century, humanity has made great efforts for peace and cooperation, including the creation of an international organization like the United Nations, in order not to repeat such catastrophic consequences as two world wars. Today, however, the world still faces numerous global problems, including hunger and poverty, racial, religious and ethnic conflicts, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and hate crimes, and global warming.

  Facing these challenges, the global community has a responsibility to strive for peaceful coexistence and prosperity of mankind, and to pass on sustainable peace to future generations. We should build a global coalition of peaceful communities, with stronger determination that transcends nations, races, and religions in our mission in the 21st century.

  Following the globalization and informatization, the wave of the 4th Industrial Revolution, reflected in AI(Artificial Intelligence) is bringing new opportunities to promote the development and prosperity of individual lives and nations and helping this modern civilization flush as never before. Nonetheless, it is true that these dreams come with drastic changes that could result negatively, menacing humanity and our conventional way of life.

  As an institution of higher education that has led the progress of mankind and serviced to civilization, university has a crucial mission to cultivate future leaders of talent with the capacity to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world in response to the new era of innovation.

  Asia University Federation (AUF) and its host institution, Sun Moon University, have been trying to promote international education and cooperation among the universities will hold 『2020 World University Presidents' Congress (WUPC)』 under the theme of "Peace of Humankind and the Role of University in the Next 100 Years" This international conference is organized in order to respond the fundamental challenges facing university education and future of mankind at this turning point in history, in collaboration with the academic conference on the Reflection on and a New Vision for the Unity of Sciences and World Peace.

  The international conference will be held at the KINTEX exhibition hall in Korea from February 4 to 5, 2020. The two-day conference will include in-depth topic presentations and discussions by distinguished experts from major universities, home and abroad, high-ranking officials from the United Nations and UNESCO and representatives from global corporations.

  The upcoming international event will serve as a meaningful forum in exploring a new paradigm for the next 100 years of university education of the world. To ensure continuing in-depth discussions and cooperation in the future, the ceremony for the signing and supporting the declaration of WUPC will be followed subsequently at the end of the conference.

  With other distinguished scholars and intellectuals from around the world, your interest and support are needed and fully appreciated for the success of this conference.
Thank you very much.

Hwang, Sun Jo
President, Sun Moon University
President, Asia University Federation(AUF)
Chairman, 2020 World University Presidents' Congress