2020 World University Presidents’ Congress

2020 WUPC


Schedule of 2020 World University Presidents’ Congress

01. Day 1

Day [Conference on Reflection on and a New Vision for the Unity of Sciences and World Peace]
Day 1
(Feb. 4th)
Opening Session
  • Welcoming Address
  • Congratulatory Address
  • Hon.Chan-Yeol LEE Chairman, Education Committee of the National Assembly(R.O.K)
  • Keynote Speech
  • Aaron CIECHANOVER Laureate, Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Professor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
15:00~15:20 Break
[What Will the University Do for World Peace?]
1st Session
  •                           (Moderator: Prof. Junghyun AHN)
  • Greetings
  • Sun-Jo HWANG President, Sun Moon University

  • Congratulatory Remarks
  • Heon-Young KIM Chairman, Korean Council for University Education

  • Round Table
  •                           (Moderator: Prof. Heung-Soon PARK)
  • Aaron BENAVOT Professor, State University of New York (U.S.A)
      - Peace Education, Global Citizenship Education, and University

    Woo-Seung KIM President, Hanyang University (Korea)
      - Future Model of Talents and University Education

    Jae-Shin PARK Vice President, KOICA (Korea)
      - International Development & SDGs, KOICA and the Role of University

  • Discussants
  • Kremen Vasyl President, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (Ukraine)
  • Suresh Raj SHARMA Founding Vice Chancellor, Kathmandu University (Nepal)

02. Day 2

Day [How Should University Education Change in the Next 100 Years? ]
Day 2
(Feb. 5th)
2nd Session
  • Keynote Speech
  • Innovation and Tasks of University Education in the Next 100 Years
  •   - Hon.Doh-Yeon KIM (For.) Minister of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)

  • Innovation Cases
  • Youngbin CHO Managing Director , Dassault Systèmes Korea (Korea)
      - Dassault Education Program

    Kenn ROSS Managing Director of Asia, Minerva Schools (U.S.A)
      - Minerva Creative Education Program

    Minu IPE Advisor to President, Arizona State University (U.S.A)
      - Educational Innovation at ASU

    Ki-Yong YOON Professor, Sun Moon University (Korea)
      - Educational Innovation at SMU
Special Session
  •   - Signing of the Declaration of the WUPC
      - Announcement of the 2nd WUPC
Closing Session
  •   - Summary Committee Reports
      - Closing Remarks

※ Korean - English simultaneous translation is provided.
※ The schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances.